Friday, March 14, 2008

4 months!

Caden turned 4 months old on Wednesday. We had a visit to the pediatrician, and he now weighs 13 lbs 14 oz. He's growing consistently on the 25% percentile curve. Who would've thought that Mark & I would have a baby on the smaller side? Time will tell.....
He's realized that he can affect change upon the world. Just the other morning, as I was getting ready, he started to play with one of the toys above his bouncy seat. He was hitting it and it was spinning and he was just having a grand time. Mark pulled me out of the shower to show me he was playing with it, and when I said I knew, Mark seemed disappointed. However, when he asked how long he'd been doing it, I said, '10 minutes' and he felt better. =]

We also got an exer-saucer from Aunt Carlee and he experienced that for the first time today. Maybe a tad overwhelming. Also enjoying the 'bumbo-type' seat, although the first time I put him in it, he developed a serious lean to the right. He was doing better in the picture below. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mama's little helper & a blast from the past

Caden is really starting to talk, interact and respond. He'll have whole conversations with us now. He continues to be a good, happy baby. Love him!

Helping mommy with the laundry....

Sporting the hat knit by mommy, and the blanket knit by Adrienne.

And last, but not least, a photo from when Caden was in the hospital and under the Bili lights (for jaundice). They put two velco tabs on his temples and then would velco the 'sunglasses' over his eyes to protect them. I thought we'd lost this photo, but I found it on my phone. The glasses made us laugh.