Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two firsts!

Yesterday, Caden's first tooth came in! Mark noticed it first, just the tiniest little bit showing. Overall, he's doing really well, maybe a tad more fussy. We did have about :15 minutes of crying, drooling and the running nose Monday night, but that was about it.

Caden also had his first swim lesson tonight. He did really well, maybe even had a fun time. We'll be back in the pool on Thursday. Mama will also have a slightly better plan to handle wet baby & wet mama and no real good place to set him down. It's quite the logistical challenge. As fellow cloth diaper mama Kirsten said, the lesson is only :30 minutes, but it takes four hours.

Since I took him swimming, I wasn't able to get any 'during' photos, but I do have some telling 'after' photos.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cousin visit, part deux

Cousin Jakob & Erik came for another visit today. Erik was born 8 days after Caden, but just look at the difference!

Cutie patotie!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Haircut!

So, we decided that we were done with the comb-over that Caden had going. Mark and I discussed doing it ourselves - if we messed it up, we'd just go to a salon. Then I mentioned it in parent-baby class and got a resounding 'don't try it yourself, just go straight to the salon' - you're going to end up there anyway. So, today, I took him for his first haircut. I was prepared - took the camera, a few toys, and a plastic bag for the first haircut hair, but I didn't need to be. Went to the place in Crossroads mall. They buckled him in, brought him a bin of toys, and proceeded to cut the hair of a moving target. The staff was great, friendly, and gentle.

And when we were all done, they took his picture and put his hair in a little 'keepsake' folder.


Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm obsessed with play food. However, I'm on a toy buying moratorium right now, so alas, I can't buy more cute stuff like this.

Anyway, I bought this cute Fill n' Spill picnic basket. It's got a sandwich, a grape soda, watermelon, and an ice cream cone. Caden likes it, and likes it alot. Here's some video of him, and us, enjoying it ALOT!!!

OK, well, I'm tired of not being able to upload to Blogger, so check it out here:

Caden laughing

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well it's finally summertime. It was so flippin' hot this weekend. It was like the weather was trying to make up for the cold spring, all in two days. Ya might wanna see someone for that bipolar thing you got going on....I'm just sayin'

Caden is rolling all over the place, and can get from point A to point B without any problem. He's sitting up well, but will fall over at times. We've been feeding him more solid food and that's going better than it was. It's still messy, but I've managed to get it a bit more under control.

So we've been spending more time outside, he's gotten to see his three cousins for the past three days. He will sit and watch them run around for hours. We've have a few photo 'sessions' the past week or so that are fodder for more shameless cuteness! Here we go!