Sunday, May 18, 2008

First solid food - Avocado

I think we'll try something else next time......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

6 months

Caden turned 6 months old last Monday and had his 6 month appointment. He weighed exactly 16 pounds. No ounces, no nothing, just 16 even. He is 26 2/8 inches long. Yes, that is exactly what the nurse-in-training wrote on his sheet (look at the number again if you didn't catch it). He is exactly on the 25th percentile line for weight, so he's growing right on schedule.

He is a happy baby, if he gets upset, he is hungry or tired. He goes down for naps, and he's sleeping 7-8 hours in a row at night. Bless him. We have a nighttime routine and he only cries occasionally when we put him down at night. He did cry last night because it was hot and he was still swaddled - I'm gonna have to find lighter weight blankets to use, sometime today, cuz today is looking pretty warm again. He doesn't really roll over yet so we can still swaddle him. He has rolled over front-to-back, but he doesn't seem to realize that he can keep doing it. I think he's just extra easy-going, and isn't too worried about it. I'm not worried about it either, a mobile child is highly over-rated. ;-)

We took him to see the Mariners on Mother's Day. [Now, I didn't plan to go to a baseball game on Mother's Day, but when I put in for the dugout seat ticket lottery at work in March, I needed a Sunday game since that's the only day Daddy & I have off together, he wanted to see the White Sox or Red Sox, the only Sunday game was the White Sox on the 11th, so we picked that game. I only realized it was Mother's Day about a week before. Not necessarily what I would've picked to do on Mother's Day, but it was good.] He did great! The first time the crowd cheered, he cried, but I it was mainly because it shocked him and the guy behind us had a loud voice when he yelled. I thought, 'oh well, this may be very short-lived.' After that first big cheer, however, he did great. He even fell asleep on me for the last three innings. I'd carried him in my Moby wrap knock-off that I made so he was all snuggled in and toasty warm. You can see a picture of him asleep below. If he hadn't been asleep, we would've handed him to the Moose for a better 'I'm at my first baseball game' picture. Mama had her face bandanged because she had a non-malignant skin cancer removed. Yes, she's fine, they got it all, and she should have in the words of the doctor 'optimal cosmetic results.'

Wanna see my Mother's Day present? It's like this one, except it has Caden James on one side, and 11-12-07 on the other. I love it.

We're gonna try some solid food this weekend. Avocado, mmmmm. Wish us luck!

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