Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!

Yes, you asked for it, and here they are, pictures, pictures, pictures. [I apologize for the late delivery, I was starting to feel good enough to do this last week, but then my incision got infected and my recovery went backwards. I'm feeling a bit better now.]


Caden in his 'outing' outfit

First bath.

Hanging out

Home from the hospital

Going home outfit.

Arriving home for the first time.

Asleep in the vintage crib that mom, Aunt Carlee and Grammy (and multiple other family members) have slept in.

With cousins Garrett & Parker on Thanksgiving. The first time they met him, they were literally jumping up & down with excitement.


Jean meeting Caden for the first time.

At home, during Hilde's visit.


bowiechick said...


I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name Caden. He's fantastic - Well done guys! I didn't think you'd manage to find time to do anything like this yet!

You've made my morning. Hope you manage to get some rest somewhere.

gaylen said...

Congratulations Jean! I have a little something for Caden. Glad to hear you are feeling okay and Caden is well. He is beautiful!! g