Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 month appointment

Caden continues to grow. He's started to grow out of his very first outfits, which is both good and bad news. He now weighs 10lbs 11.5 oz, which means he gained 50 ounces in 38 days (good growth is an ounce a day). Because he was small when he was born, he was at the low end of the percentiles, but he's catching up. This is also reassuring for me because when you're breastfeeding, you're never quite sure how much he's getting, but obviously, it's enough.

Caden is starting to interact a bit, he'll watch your face, and he'll smile and do that goofy open mouth baby laugh that babies do (see below). He makes tons of noises, mostly squeeks, but he hasn't yet started on the gurgling & cooing. I've been trying to get the assortment of noises on video tape, which is a challenge. He's 9 weeks old as of yesterday, but I also have to balance that with the fact that he came 3 weeks early, so developmentally, they also consider him to only be 6 weeks old. A big deal when you're only 9 weeks old, but it'll balance out soon enough.

At his appointment yesterday, he had to get 5 immunization shots. He was a champ, mainly because the nurse was fantastic - I don't think I've ever seen someone move that fast. She lined up the 5 syringes (a little intimidating), and we got him positioned, and she was done before he even had a chance to finish the breath that'd he drawn in to cry with. She was literally flinging the needles away into the corner when she was done with each one. Because it went so fast, he recovered pretty quickly. There were a few tears (not all his) but it was over quickly.

So he's doing good. I'm managing to keep somewhat busy, but I'm also very happy to have visitors, or come for a visit. He's very portable right now.
And pretty darn cute!


Anonymous said...

As soon as I go to the doctor next Tuesday and am confident I'm not transporting any germs, I would LOVE to come see you and the tiny cutiepie. What a doll he is. How lucky you and Mark are. Oh, and my daughter's little Evan is catching up with his big brother pretty quickly too. Funny how that works.

Nikki said...

My Goodness he is a cutie.....congrats Mark and Jean.....he looks very healthy and very happy something that will pay off greatly when he is a toddler.....you guys must be thrilled beyond belief....he is one good looking kid, in fact probably the cutest Ive seen (other than my own nephew) and I am not being bias because your my cousin Mark...LOL WAY TO GO!!!