Friday, February 22, 2008

Cousin visit

Last weekend, Mark's sister Sylvia, husband Dave, nephew Jakob and brand-new nephew Erik came down for a visit. Syliva was due 3 weeks after me, but ended up having Erik early as well. He's 8 days younger than Caden, but he is a CHUNK! And so very, very cute!

Mamma went back to work this week. And it's OK, not as bad as I thought. Grammy is looking after Caden during the day, and since she's so close, I can go down and feed him during lunch.

Here's what Mark likes to call 'working from home'

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Anonymous said...

Your son is Very ciute and sweet !!! :) Pleas add more of his photos !! :) I cant stop looking at him !!! :) Ohh I adore baby!! :) Kisses for Caden !! :)

Please add more his photos ...or opening for him webalbum on google picassa.. He is soo sweet!! :)

Carla from Poland