Saturday, April 12, 2008

5 months

Yes, another original title. Caden turns 5 months old today, and it's late and he's asleep and I've just realized that I didn't take his picture today. =\ Tomorrow will have to do.

Yes, he's asleep. He's been a pretty good sleeper, up to 6 hours, but for the last 2-3 weeks he'd regressed back to only 3 hours. I started to read the sleep book again and thought I'd try to put him to bed earlier. Holy cow, this worked like a charm. And I didn't use the binky! Almost all in one night! We did our normal night time thing - head upstairs, low lights, nurse, swaddle, turn on the heartbeat bear (makes heartbeat noise) and lay him down. But we started it at 8:30, in the crib around 9, rather than the 10 or 11 we'd been doing. He cried for a couple of minutes, then fussed for a minute and then fell asleep, without the binky. Slept till 4:30 the next morning. Yes, that's right, went from only 3 hours at a time to sleeping 7.5 hours in a row, overnight. Can you say WOO HOO??!?!?!?!?!?! or rather, zzzzzzzzzzz. I was stunned. Mark asked 'so if we put him to bed earlier, he sleeps longer? this makes no sense!' I'd wanted to stop using the binky overnight since he would fall asleep, it would fall out, and he'd wake up. The next night, we had a little 'cry it out' session, although I'd chosen to stay in the room with him and comfort him. He cried for a while that night, but eventually went to sleep. Slept till 3:30. The next night, around 7 he was yawning, rubbing his eyes, telling me he was tired, so I thought I'd do the process, just early. Yeah, no dice. The banshee cry came out. So, I gave up, brought him downstairs, held him and played with him, and then did it again at the right time, 9pm. He laid down, didn't even fuss, and went right to sleep. Slept till 3:30. Hallelujah!

Adrienne & Russ & Clara came and stayed over one night, Clara is the cute little blond thing in the pictures. She was feeding Caden her play 'sandwich.' I also have to point out his 'peas and carrots' binky holder. It's too cute. And yes, we are still using it during the day.
And now for some shameless cuteness overload:

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Anonymous said...

He is ADORABLE! When are we going to get together? I hope to "meet" him before he starts kindergarten. I'm not working on anything right now, but have a flu thing or something going on, so maybe in a couple weeks? Give me a call sometime.

Oh, and was going to say, it makes sense to me that he sleeps better if he goes to bed earlier - only because when I am overtired I actually can not fall asleep. I wonder if it's the same for babies?