Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1- Visit to Omma & 2 - Weight Check, not in that order

2) On Thursday, Caden had his halfway-between-9-&-12-month weight check. Glad to say that he was 18lbs, 10 oz. Thats up 2 lbs, 10 oz from 6 months (he was 16lbs, 9oz at 9 month check just after we'd all been sick). That's also about 2 pounds in 6 weeks! That's what the Dr. called catch-up growth. Not quite back to the 25 percentile where we was, but back on the right track. I wasn't thinking anything was wrong, but it feels good to know for sure.

1.5) OK, yes, I'm sneaking one in. We hired a live-in nanny. She moves in today. Welcome Sara! We realized that for as much as we were going to pay for a child care center, we could pay a live-in, because they also get room & board. We have a big house, and Mark is a great cook - not a bad place to live. And a pretty cute and happy little guy to take care of.
Wait. I want that job. =\

2) About two weeks ago (technical difficulties with Photoshop Elements and Vista - have I mentioned that I !?$*&#*#!?#! hate Vista?) we went up to Canada to visit Omma, Godmother Heddy and almost all the great aunts & uncles. Caden was his normal charming self, and we ate like kings. There were more dishes on the table then there were people at it!

Some pix:

With Omma:

With Godmother Heddy:

Some other recent shameless cuteness: