Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Various updates

We've had a few ups and downs recently, the big down being the nasty stomach virus/flu that Caden picked up in Parent/Baby class. I think there were ~24 moms with their babies in class, and at last count 12 had gotten it. It got Caden, me, Grammy, Papa, and Daddy, in that order. Not very much fun at all.

Caden turned 9 months old on the 12th, so we had his 9 month appointment last Thurday. I was anxious to see his weigh-in, it had seemed to me he was growing, but not that much. He weighed 16lbs, 9oz. He weighed exactly 16lbs at his 6 month appointment. He was now in the 3rd percentile, down from a consistent presence at the 25th percentile. Somewhat worrisome, but I also knew that he'd probably lost some weight from being sick. I went and checked the chart, and to still be in the 25th percentile, he should weigh 19lbs. I don't think he was up to 19lbs before he got sick. We have a weigh-in scheduled in 6 weeks, so we'll see where he is then.
Dr. also said that I need to up his food intake, and not just to gain some weight. The solid food thing has been going much better, but we'd been feeding him maybe 5x a week. Dr. said 4x a day. Yikes! Well, sorry, that's not realistic. So, Mom feeds him solid food once during the day, and we're feeding him in the evening. it's not four, but four is a little much. He's digging it more than he did, and he's much better at actually eating/swallowing the food. Much less messy than it was.
My stretched-out materinty leave is now over, so I'm at work full time, and I'm also searching for childcare for Caden. Mom offered to watch him for about the first year while I was still breastfeeding him, but now that it's up to four days a week, it's even more of a major committment for her. So sometime in October, he'll be transitioning from Grammy's to a yet-to-be-determined childcare situation. There are alot of options out there, but it's tough to try and find something while I'm working full time. The search continues.....

Caden continues to be his happy, charming self and is a delight everyday. We are a very lucky family.
A few random photos:


Anonymous said...

Even if he's only 16 lbs, he's still a darling boy. And they do get messy when eating the baby food, don't they? Evan loves Mac and Cheese - even the box kind the older kids eat. If it's cooked really well he can gnaw on it and do just fine. Too bad Cindy lives so far away from you. It would be fun to see the two babies together. Sorry you have to go back to work full time. That stinks.

CJW's folks said...

yeah, the back at work full time thing does stink. all I could think Thursday was 'I really want to be with Caden.'
How're you doing?

Anonymous said...

I'm doing great! (Checking back in your comments). I'd love to visit you. I'm feeling so much better these days - doing more. Let me know when is a good time and I'd love to come over and finally meet that little guy and spend time with you. You still have my email, right?