Saturday, August 2, 2008

The next milestone

Well, not unexpectedly, Caden started crawling this week. Thursday to be exact. He'd been rolling really well, and was doing the lay on the ground and move all four limbs in rhythmic frustration thing. He'd get his torso up, but not his backside. In parent/baby class on Thursday one of the gals had a toy that you pulled the string and it rolls away. Caden got one look at that and went right after it. Here are two cell phone pictures taken about :10 apart, along with a link to a video. I try and keep the videos to 1 minute or less. Yes, I know that not everyone will want to watch hours of video of my little guy, so I try and respect your time.

Here's the video link.

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gaylen said...

Yea Caden! Does that mean no more happy baby in the chair at ASG? You are growing up so fast. g