Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two firsts!

Yesterday, Caden's first tooth came in! Mark noticed it first, just the tiniest little bit showing. Overall, he's doing really well, maybe a tad more fussy. We did have about :15 minutes of crying, drooling and the running nose Monday night, but that was about it.

Caden also had his first swim lesson tonight. He did really well, maybe even had a fun time. We'll be back in the pool on Thursday. Mama will also have a slightly better plan to handle wet baby & wet mama and no real good place to set him down. It's quite the logistical challenge. As fellow cloth diaper mama Kirsten said, the lesson is only :30 minutes, but it takes four hours.

Since I took him swimming, I wasn't able to get any 'during' photos, but I do have some telling 'after' photos.