Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well it's finally summertime. It was so flippin' hot this weekend. It was like the weather was trying to make up for the cold spring, all in two days. Ya might wanna see someone for that bipolar thing you got going on....I'm just sayin'

Caden is rolling all over the place, and can get from point A to point B without any problem. He's sitting up well, but will fall over at times. We've been feeding him more solid food and that's going better than it was. It's still messy, but I've managed to get it a bit more under control.

So we've been spending more time outside, he's gotten to see his three cousins for the past three days. He will sit and watch them run around for hours. We've have a few photo 'sessions' the past week or so that are fodder for more shameless cuteness! Here we go!

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The Little Window Shoppe said...

Oh my cute!! I love the name Caden James too. :)