Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Haircut!

So, we decided that we were done with the comb-over that Caden had going. Mark and I discussed doing it ourselves - if we messed it up, we'd just go to a salon. Then I mentioned it in parent-baby class and got a resounding 'don't try it yourself, just go straight to the salon' - you're going to end up there anyway. So, today, I took him for his first haircut. I was prepared - took the camera, a few toys, and a plastic bag for the first haircut hair, but I didn't need to be. Went to the place in Crossroads mall. They buckled him in, brought him a bin of toys, and proceeded to cut the hair of a moving target. The staff was great, friendly, and gentle.

And when we were all done, they took his picture and put his hair in a little 'keepsake' folder.


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gaylen said...

Yea Caden - you were too young for a comb over. What a wonderful experience you had. Obviously they are used to doing this? Talked JB into going to breakfast tomorrow. Now I can't think of the name. How's the sock coming along?